The SALT (Support and Leadership Training) ministry is designed primarily to develop an effective theological education program for leaders and pastors who are unable to attend Bible schools and seminaries. That program is called SETE – Seminary Education by Theological Extension.


We also provide leadership training to pastors and church leaders through a program called LEAD – Leadership Education and Development. We partner with other ministries to provide some of that training, and we have various resources that we bring in to help support churches in their ministries.


A third part of our ministry is called ESTYC – Escuela Superior de Teología y Consejería. This program provides advanced theological and counseling training for those pastors or counseling professionals who desire to expand and deepen their ministries.


In addition, SALT Leadership Inc. provides support ministries in the form of organizing mission trips; providing doctors, nurses and dental professionals for medical missions; help with construction projects; and adjunct seminars, conferences and conference speakers on a variety of subjects.